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We provide spider and search technology
Pleased to meet you, WiseGuys is our name
We provide spider and search technology. We spider the web 24/7, 365 days a year, resulting in one of the largest up-to-date web archives of the internet. Finding specific detailed information or running high volume text queries is a regular job for our search engine and classification technology. Read full story Read full story
Coosto - a full featured social media monitor Products
Products Coosto monitors social media including Twitter, blogs, forums and Hyves. More than 390,000 sources are visited on a daily basis. Coosto offers answers to questions like "Who?", "What?", "Where?" and "When?" at full speed. Read more Read more
JobFeed - the largest online employment database Services
Services JobFeed is a unique and valuable information source for companies who are active in the recruitment market. The service delivers almost all new job ads published on the Dutch part of the web in a structured format on a daily basis. Read more Read more
Search technology Products
Products Our search architecture is based on years of academic research combined with huge amounts of hands-on user experience. A team of search technology specialists are working on the pipeline on daily basis. Key issues are research and development, these issues ensure the innovation, quality and cost-efficiency of our search technology. This results in a line of solid, fast and intelligent search technology products. Read more Read more
Clustering - from problem to solution Projects
Projects A large client wanted a tool for topic discovery on the web. We proposed a clustering solution in combination with a visualisation tool. Read more Read more
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