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We provide spider and search technology
About WiseGuys

WiseGuys is a highly technical driven company that does magical things with large amounts of unstructured web data. Of course we could mention that we have years of experience in spider development, search engines, natural language processing, information extraction and much more, but we'd rather give you the facts and figures.

The name

First of all, what's in the name WiseGuys according to the dictionaries?

Wise: Knowing much from experience: able to make sensible decisions and judgements on the basis of personal knowledge and experience.

Guys: Used to address a group of people of either sex.

WiseGuys: Mafioso, members of the mafia.

Wise Guy: Someone who is always trying to seem more clever than anyone else in a way that is annoying: "Okay, wise guy, if you're so damned smart, you can tell everyone how it's done!"

We feel some sympathy for all the above explanations with exception of the mafioso definition. We are sure that in some cases we are annoying and we will tell everyone how it's done but only based on the facts. Let's take a look into these facts.

  • We run a network of custom search engines that do over ten million search queries a day
  • We spider over forty million web pages a day
  • We storage and update over 500 million different url's (web addresses)
  • We classify over one million unstructured web pages a day
  • We extract over one million fields a day
  • You can say that we are specialized in managing large amounts of streaming unstructured web data and organize it in every understandable and workable format you can imagine.

    Our culture:

    A mix of brainpower, joy and integrity. No limit. Freedom in what we do and want, wrapped into a great understanding of responsibility. Always looking for the details to score, because we hate to lose.

    Our Goal:

    Develop and run technology to create products or business with a real fundamental value without any economic dependency.

    WiseGuys wants to hear from you!

    If you have questions about our services, or simply want to know more about us, call us or have us call you.

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