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We provide spider and search technology
Pleased to meet you, WiseGuys is our name
We provide spider and search technology. We spider the web 24 / 7, 365 days a year, resulting in one of the largest up-to-date web archives of the internet. Finding specific detailed information or running high volume text queries is a regular job for our search engine and classification technology.

As well as the development of a state of the art spider, search and classification software, we operate a wide range of branded consumer search engines. These give us high value consumer experience information. Combining this information with our leverage of competency development, results in products, knowledge and workflow improving data, increasing turnover and giving you real value for your money.

We are able to find needles in one haystack or in a world of haystacks. No matter the amount of web data or the structure, we will find it.

Pleased to meet you, WiseGuys is our name.

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