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Coosto social media monitor

Coosto monitors social media including Twitter, blogs, forums and Hyves. Over 390,000 sources are visited on a daily basis. Coosto offers answers to questions like "Who?", "What?", "Where?" and "When?" at full speed.

Using the WiseGuys webcrawler technology and its 10+ years of experience in information retrieval, Coosto offers social media monitoring at full speed. Whether it's searching through the historical archive, browsing specific text fragments or expanding conversations, Coosto allows users to examine every fine grained detail of the social web.

Coosto is built upon the extensive archive of webpages the WiseGuys webcrawler has visited over the years. Most of these documents have been archived with version history, so different versions of documents are stored and retrieveable. Next to 'normal' webcrawling a lot of data is gathered from RSS/atom feeds and direct links to social media like Twitter and Hyves.

Visit www.coosto.nl for a demo and further information.

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