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We provide spider and search technology
Crawling technology

We collect web data by crawling the internet using a high-tech spider platform. This platform has been developed using academic principles. Only web data which is new to the web or has recently been updated will be retrieved by the system.

Collecting web data is a 24/7 job. Thousands of spiders are crawling simultaneously, collecting new or updated data. The system adjusts its behaviour to the environment it is currently working in. It takes into account many parameters, such as the response time of a webserver or which web data is new or has been updated. The spider system then continuely adjusts its algorithms automatically to match that pattern and to retrieve the data as effeciently as possible. This is a non-stop process which combines the collection and structuring of data together which effectively results in a non-stop valueable feed of web data and insight into the web it self.

For more information on our webcrawlers, please visit our webcrawler page on the subject.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of your webcrawler?
We are constantly crawling the internet with a dozen different webcrawlers, the largest being the Dutch crawler and the United Kingdom crawler. We run a couple of public search engines like Track and Kobala, we are trying to set up an index for the UK as well.

How can I manage the webcrawlers?
Please see the robots.txt FAQ on our webcrawler page.

What is the name of your crawler?

The pages you are visiting are broken. What can I do?
Use the form below to let us know about the problem. Please provide one or more of the broken URLs our webcrawler visits on your site.

Please use this form to contact us about our crawler.


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